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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Hosted PBX

10 Reasons to Choose a Hosted PBX Solution

  1. Hardware. Unlike traditional telephone systems, with a Hosted PBX there is no system to purchase, maintain or service.
  2. Real Estate. The space and power needs for whatever equipment required are considerably less than with a PBX.
  3. Direct Inward Dial (DID). With a traditional PBX you must have either a T1/PRI or DID Trunks, two options which are quite costly and cost prohibitive for locations with under forty (40) users. With Enhanced Hosted PBX you can not only have a DID for each extension and/or group but unlike other VOIP providers you can maintain your block of DID numbers with us for a low nominal fee so that you can grow at your own pace and have a uniform dial plan.
  4. Moves, Adds and Changes. Moves, Adds and Changes can generally be handled by the end user which translates into considerable savings. Want to move a user within the office? They can take their telephone with them and as long as there is a jack on the network used by the Hosted PBX solution it is “plug and play”.
  5. Redundancy and Disaster Preparedness. Because the Hosted PBX system is located in a data center with redundant power, fiber to multiple providers, fire and smoke protection, air conditioning and 24x7x365 day monitoring and on-site support we can provide better service.
  6. Emergency Failover. Did your site lose power? Network is down? Not a problem. Unlike a system located on-site, if your local site goes “down” you are not out of business. Calls can automatically be routed to another telephone number, cellular telephone (by extension!) and users can literally take their telephones to a different site with internet connectivity and be back up and running quickly.
  7. Security. All connectivity from the customer site to the Hosted PBX is encrypted via TLS and SRTP encryption. (Think “VPN”). Plus, unlike small service providers we actively monitor our network for toll fraud and unauthorized intrusion attempts.
  8. Lower Rates. Rates tend to be lower for local and long distance service because of lower termination fees and these savings get passed on to the customer.
  9. Multi-Site Networking. Networking multiple sites across the country or even across international borders is made easy. Because the system is located at our data center it does not matter where users are physically located as long as they have reliable network connectivity. An office in New York City can have a user working from their home in Canada and another small group working from a remote office in California or another remote International venue – all collaborating in real time and portable providing an organization with flexibility!
  10. Feature Rich System. Most, if not all, of the features you are accustomed to with a traditional telephone system are available and some additional features which are made possible because of the nature of VOIP technology.

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