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Traditional Phone Services

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Traditional Phone Services

The one thing that just about every business has in common is that they need and have telephones. Most of those businesses still have telephone systems and a small percentage have a hosted VOIP product.

Telephones break, cards/modules go bad, phone service goes down or you may develop a small problem like static on calls, or suddenly one out of every four calls to your business just ring to nowhere. Who do you call?

Unless you work with telephones you most likely do not have the expertise to fix these problems yourself. In all likelihood you need a vendor to help you on ocassion and you certainly need someone you can rely on in an emergency. This is where we come in.

  • For traditional systems we are an Avaya Business Partner and have serviced thousands of clients. (Look at case study Avaya made for us:
  • We can maintain and service existing Avaya systems.
  • We can upgrade existing Avaya systems.
  • We can provide new systems that use traditional and VoIP technology when needed.
  • Unified Communications and CRM/CEM (Customer Experience Management) experts

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